Hot Shot 2 GFK/CFK 1490 mm HOREJSI

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New version of our our electric powered model Hot Shot. The model will surprise with high horizontal flight velocity, high climb rate and excellent glide.
The RFT weight is ca. 400 grams.
The model can be used for introduction into the new class F5K.

We recommend motor Dualsky XM2225EG-23.
The tail servos are installed in the stab mount.
The glide charcteristics are improved, if the model is controlled rather by the rudder than by the ailerons.
We recommend to make the wing dihedral 6 deg. each wing part. Then, the wing is same as that for the Long Shot and can be interchaneable.

Color: red / natur

Assembly drawing
Assembly pictures


Marke / Hersteller HOREJSI
Ausführung ARF
Spannweite (mm) 1490
Länge (mm) 1130
Fluggewicht (g) ca. 400
Profil AG xx
Flächeninhalt (dm²) 22,5
Flächenbelastung (g/dm²) ab 17,8
Funktionen H, S, Q, (M)
Notwendige Kanalanzahl 4+
Rumpf GFK/ CFK
Fläche GFK/CFK/Styrofoam Verbund
Servo Empfehlung

2 x KST X06 (H, S)
2 x KST X08H V5 (Q)

Regler Empfehlung 15A+
Motor Empfehlung Dualsky XM2225EG-23
Luftschrauben Empfehlung 8 x 4

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