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The EP glider Q12 is the new version of our very successful Q10 and its successors.

The Q12  takes use from our long-years experience with DLG models. The gliders, made with the foam/skin technology, flew much better, than those stick and film types. The main reason was seemingly the overall improvement of aerodynamic properties.
The foam/skin design provides much higher rigidity. The A/R can be very high. The ailerons and brakes will not warp. The A/R is about same as that of free flight power models.
Each half of the wing is made as single part. The dihedral is built in during the molding process.

Except for the wing, all other parts are similar to the Q11.

The pod was designed to be used for many different types of models and equipment. It is long such, that folding prop up to 14″ diameter could be used. The pod is very slick, yet it provides enough room for RC and power unit parts. The bottom is a bit flattened to get even more room inside the pod.

The rear fuselage part consists of carbon/glass boom. It provides rather long tail arm for better flight stability.

The tail feathers are made in similar method as the wings. They are very lightweight.

The CG is in correct position even with the very lightweight power unit components.

The on-board RC system is normally supplied from the ESC’s BEC. If the current demands of your system is higher, you can use VR-3 voltage controller. It is supplied from the battery ballance connector. We have never had any problems with this power supply type.


Color: red / natur


Marke / Hersteller HOREJSI
Ausführung ARF
Spannweite (mm) 2000
Länge (mm) 1210
Fluggewicht (g) ca. 530
Profil AG 40, 41, 42, 43
Funktionen H, S, Q, Wkl., M
Notwendige Kanalanzahl 7+
Rumpf GFK/ CFK
Fläche GFK/CFK/Styrofoam Verbund
Servo Empfehlung

2 x HERMTEC H47 oder H60 (H, S)
4 x HERMTEC H60 (Wkl, Q)


2 x KST X06 (H, S)
4 x KST X08H (Wkl., Q)

Akku Empfehlung 1200mAh/8,4V 25C+
Regler Empfehlung 25A+
Motor Empfehlung Dualsky XM2826EA-10
Luftschrauben Empfehlung 10 x 6



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